Digital Twin

Digital Twin

Project Description

Solution Description

EinNel’s IoT solutions are aimed at customizing and integrating IoT into client’s organizational infrastructure to provide actionable insights, improved efficiency and cost optimization. We provide end to end solutions to design and implement a connected environment to monitor and analyse critical data. We also help companies build decision making models using various AI techniques to optimize performance and productivity.

We extend our IoT solutions to various sectors including,

  • Connected vehicle
  • In-vehicle intelligence
  • Smart health care
  • Industry 4.0

IoT Solution Architecture

We provide comprehensive IoT solutions to our clients from integrating the right sensors and deriving inspired insights to choosing the best-fit platform for specific industrial requirements.

Edge Computing

We provide artificial intelligence to our systems to perform edge computing using various machine learning and deep learning techniques. Our devices aren’t only designed for sensor interfacing and signal processing, but also include image processing based on the scope of the project.

IoT Gateway Design

EinNel’s IoT Gateway solutions ensure secure and powerful wireless connectivity between IoT devices and IoT cloud based applications.

IoT Cloud Solutions

Our cloud application development services include application migration, enhancement, custom enterprise application development, and integration with IoT service platforms.


We help clients generate actionable insights from vast amounts of data from connected devices, sensors and industrial monitoring systems.

Dashboard Developments

We develop custom IoT dashboards for real-time visualization of data from various connected devices to deliver insights, improve operational efficiency, economize resources and cut costs.