MDOX Features

Data Lake

A repository of data from Crash, Durability, NVH, Aerodynamics, UHTM etc. managed in big data system.

Design Data Warehouse

A proprietary integrated data system of vehicle engineering that allows design exploration.

Powerful BI

EinNel’s Business intelligence analyzes data for actionable insights to help vehicle designers.

Design Explorations

A powerful and user-friendly visual exploration to methodically examine data for deeper understanding and insights.

Design Sensitivity

A module with powerful algorithms, visual display of design sensitivity, what-if study, trade-off analysis, and interactive design optimization.

Machine Learning

The MDO AI engine takes large amounts of simulation data and provides the system with the ability to automatically learn and improve prediction of response on design changes.


The platform provides a wide range of data accessibility to set up Multidisciplinary Design Optimization in the same work environment.


The data platform provides an easy way of defining workflows with efficient algorithms for trade-offs between conflicting objectives in quick session.

Robustness Evaluation

The platforms helps in the identification of the most affecting input scatter for every response and quantification of input variable influence using the best technique.

Reliability Analysis

Estimate product failure probability, ensure best quality with clearly defined failure limit, reliability algorithms and estimation of failure probability.

Premium Features

Data-Driven Multidisciplinary Optimization