Cloud Digital

Cloud Digital

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EinNel’s reliable and secure cloud computing solutions for industries implement cost effective IT infrastructure. You typically pay only for cloud services you use, helping lower your operating costs, run your infrastructure more efficiently and scale as your business needs change. We provide right cloud computing solutions to industries making their IT infrastructure more,

  • Cost effective with increased speed of access
  • Globally Scalable
  • Productive
  • Secure

Cloud Migration

We help industries migrate their IT infrastructure—servers and virtual machines (VMs), storage, networks and their platforms to the cloud.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is a perfect fit for highly trafficked, in-demand applications. We assist software installations and updates, security tools, and performance optimizations. We perform both the complicated and the mundane tasks required to maintain healthy infrastructure and application stacks.

Cloud security

We help you use cloud services in a secure and compliant manner by leveraging cloud provider and vendor security technologies to improve overall security posture at reduced cost. We also help you manage risk more effectively, and get the most out of existing security tools to ensure greater visibility and faster incident response.

Serverless computing

We create serverless computing that focuses on building app functionality without spending time on infrastructure management. The cloud provider handles the setup, capacity planning and server management for you. We architect applications for serverless computing making them highly scalable and event-driven, only using resources when a specific function or trigger occurs.

Software as a service (SaaS)

We develop, deploy and maintain software applications over the Internet, on demand and typically on a subscription basis. With SaaS, cloud providers host and manage the software application and its underlying infrastructure and handle any maintenance like software upgrades and security patching.

Native App Development

At EinNel, we offer our customers native mobile development that ensures exceptional customer service and gives wider options for post-MVP development.