EinNel Task

EinNel Task

TASK Features

To-Do & My Task

Organize your day, increase productivity.

Receive Task

Receive Tasks, update their status and enjoy rewards on completion!

Assign Task

Delegate tasks easily, get notified on updates and compliment your team.


Streamline your workflow, communicate efficiently and collaborate effortlessly.

Secure Chat

Get instant clarification, ensure seamless conversation and successful completion.

Voice Interface

With Task’s compatibility with Alexa get a personalized work experience.


Predict your work, get personalized in-depth insights for improving your productivity and balancing your workload.

Stay synchronized

All devices stay in sync. Be productive anytime and collaborate anywhere.


Provides easy understanding of team structure & management.

Convert mail to Task

Access and convert your emails to tasks with our built-in interface.

and more...

USD$ 9 /month per user + one-time setup
Annual subsrciptions are available.

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For customer support and technical assistance:

Call us : +91 44-22782028
WhatsApp : +91 7395959297
Email us : taskassigner@einnel.in

Premium Features

EinNel Task offers features for managing daily tasks and tracking their progress. Task’s in-built data analytics helps employees to enhance their performance and skills for growing their career within the organization.

Insights from Task enable the organization to realize workload, employee’s behavior and skill matrix to improve operational efficiency.

TASK’s adaptable machine learning engine forms an AI system that manages entire operations autonomously to maximize productivity at optimal cost.