Dr. Dhatchana Moorthy

Dr. Dhatchana Moorthy

Director, EinNext Biosciences​

Dr. Dhatchana Moorthy is a registered pharmacist with over two decades of experience in Drug Discovery & Development/Molecular Diagnostics. He is the Director of EinNext Biosciences, overseeing Business & Strategic Partnerships and nurturing talent for building in silico tools for the Pharma and Biotech industries.​

Dhatchana Moorthy is also passionate about researching and applying AI/ML techniques in Oncology, Neurological disorders, and Precision Medicine. He has his Doctoral Degree in Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Madras and Master’s degree in Pharmacy from IIT-BHU, India.​

His responsibilities and skills include:

  • Drug Discovery and Development
  • OMICS and Precision Medicine
  • Co-ordinating Computational Engineers with Biologists/Doctors
  • Translating Domain Knowledge Into Viable AI/ML Solutions
  • Project Management & Delivery

Strategic Thinking
Business Acumen
Decision Making