National Symposium on Health Data and AI

National Symposium on Health Data and AI

Prof. Dr. Andre Dekker with EinNext Biosciences team

Our team from EinNext Biosciences participated in the National Symposium on Health Data and AI that took place on March 17th -18th, 2023, at Christian Medical College, Vellore, a premier medical institution located in Tamil Nadu, India. The symposium was attended by a conglomerate of experienced physicians, researchers, academicians, and policymakers to discuss and debate the emerging role of AI in healthcare and medical sciences. The opening speaker, Dr. Andre Dekker, a Professor of Clinical Data Science and Medical Physicist from the Netherlands, talked about the strengths & limitations of AI. “AI is not intelligent,” he said, but completely dependent on training. Replying to a question, he strongly advocated the inclusion of AI in medical education.

Prof. Balaraman Ravindran from IIT-M delivered an enlightening talk on demystifying AI and its applications in healthcare.

Dr. John Oommen, an alumnus of CMC and a Community Health Physician in the state of Odisha, spoke about the digital divide between India (haves) & Bharat (have-nots). He emphasized the need to carefully navigate the ethical implications of AI technologies.

National Symposium

National Symposium on Health Data and AI

Ensuing sessions included topics such as Telehealth, AI for better health, Bringing pipelines together for AI-based research, Network and Cyber Security in Hospitals, and legislative implications for health data management. The conference featured speakers from reputed universities and hospitals across the globe. As a leading bioscience team working with AI, the symposium provided an opportunity for us to establish relationships with medical institutions and universities. While networking with the physicians, we got valuable insights into the need for AI-based solutions for the medical fraternity to deal with lifestyle disorders, cancer, and infectious diseases. The conference also served as a stark reminder of the ethical considerations and responsibilities that arise from harnessing the immense power of artificial intelligence (AI).