EinNel signs MoU with Vels University

Complimentary to EinNel's mission in molding today's engineers to next generation leaders, EinNel gladly announces that on 22 March, 2017 a MoU was signed with Vels University. EinNel has created a platform to bring the best that young engineers could contribute to the society with their innovation.


MoU was signed at Vels University, Chennai between the head of operations, EinNel Technologies and Registrar, Vels University.


EinNel Encourages Blood Donations

As a part of our CSR program, EinNel Engineers volunteered to donate blood for one of the medical emergencies at SIMS Hospital in Vadapalani, Chennai.

Donate and save a life!

EinNel Engineers Donating Blood

John, Ashwin, Aju Stephen (left to right) donating blood at SIMS Hospital, Vadapalani, Chennai.


CMBBE 2016 – Tel Aviv, Israel

The Bioscience team of EinNel participated in the CMBBE 2016 at Tel Aviv, Israel. Ms. Aishwarya and Mr. Einstein presented their papers on the topic, “BioMechanical evaluation of pre and post – bilateral sagittal split mandibular osteomy on 3D models for obstructive sleep apnea using finite element analysis” and “Computational fluid dynamics for intracranial aneurysm rapture prediction and post treatment hemodynamic analysis” respectively. Ms. Merlin presented the poster. This event provided a global understanding on the advancements in the Biomedical world.


EinNel Corporate Social Responsibility For Flood Victims

EinNel’s CSR team has raised the spirit of 65 families at a village near Manali, Chennai on 12th December 2015 who were terribly affected by the disastrous flood.

EinNel Engineers distributed rice packets and sleeping mats to the affected and also encouraged them by their words.

EinNel CSR team distributed rice and sleeping mats to the flood victims

EinNel CSR team distributed rice and sleeping mats to the flood victims.

We would like to thank all the EinNel Engineers who have brought cheers to these families by their invaluable support and contribution.