EinNel Engineering & IT Infrastructure

EinNel Engineering & IT Infrastructure

From the General Manager

John Terry, EinNel Technologies

“Investment in infrastructure is a long term requirement for growth and a long term factor that will make growth sustainable”

– Chanda Kochhar

Due to the pandemic, we at EinNel have adopted to the new normal by enforcing several essential and effective changes in the IT infrastructure by modifying it to attain the ‘anywhere operation’ for having smooth and hassle-free functionality. This operation will aid in creating a decentralized work environment thereby enabling easy collaboration across multiple teams and provide secure remote access to all the EinNel employees. Along with empowering the employees, the ‘anywhere operation’ will also help us to always provide our customers with seamless support and services.

The hybrid IT infrastructure is also being established at EinNel by using high – performance desktop & laptops, network switches capable of handling heavy traffic, robust desktop security along with full guarded firewall and network – security, and powerful network server. The infrastructure also includes high-capacity storage server, sophisticated Workstation Virtualization (VMs), best graphical processing units, highly scalable rack-serves with top-notch cooling systems and online UPS for a well-established Data Centre.