From the Business Development Manager

Ashwin Daniel, EinNel Technologies

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insights.”

Clary Fiorina

In the world of automotive, the full vehicle virtual validation holds a crucial significance for developing models that comply with the global safety regulations. These validations are generally carried out using LS-Dyna explicit solvers. The dynamic simulations include a wide range of load cases such as crash simulations, strength, NVH, and durability tests. This process aids in mitigating the development cost by identifying the design faults before the production of prototypes. However, the validation process in itself is time consuming and requires specifically skilled technicians to monitor the procedure.

“EinNel MDOX”- a Next-generation AI-driven vehicle design platform, provides the perfect solution by automating the pre- and post-processing tasks along with the overall design optimization. The platform provides highly digitalized and modern data visualization storyboards that project colossal insights of the vehicle with a simple drag and drop operation. These insights will uncover a vast number of hidden attributes gathered from the dump data, thereby eliciting the designers to opt for ameliorated and optimized designs.

We assure you that with “EinNel MDOX”, the virtual automotive design phase can be completed with an 80% reduction of both time and economy. The platform is curated to guide the experts by predicting the optimal design solution and insights for swift and precise decision-making. A team of young, dedicated engineers along with experienced domain experts from different verticals are involved in developing this platform. We are on our path to delivering EinNel MDOX to the globe with the help of our Automobile, Software, Data, and AI engineers.