EinNel UI/UX- perceives human intellect and makes each experience delightful!

EinNel UI/UX- perceives human intellect and makes each experience delightful!

From Lead UI/UX Designer

Theophorus Samuel, EinNel Technologies

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future”

– Robert L. Peters

UI/UX is a very crucial aspect of web and app design, while UI defines the look, UX defines the functionalities. The primary objective of the UI is to provide easy, enjoyable, and effective interaction between the users and the applications. User Interface (UI) is the way through which users interact with the app; it includes all the controls, buttons, blocks, and elements. User Experience (UX) on the other hand, provides the best feel for the users with the ease of usage, navigation, and efficient accomplishment of the desired tasks. Creating a UX includes defining the way a product operates and meets the requirements of the users. UX must be clear, comfortable, user-friendly, and interactive with the user interface elements.

At EinNel we are highly influenced by Apple’s UI/UX design portfolio. For Native UI designing, we follow Apple’s Human interface guidelines to design and develop all our iOS and MacOS projects. Apple’s UI/UX design evokes our imaginations and creativity to develop high-standard interfaces. We aim to launch our engineering solutions into the iOS and macOS platforms to enable our users to enjoy rich user interface, secure functionalities, and enhanced graphical performance. The world of design is as vast as the universe, with new ideas and creativities emerging at every instance. The deeper we explore, the more we realize the aspects that could be included in our process of design thinking in order to enhance the quality of our products.

EinNel’s UX/UI team is focused on 5 major verticals, BI (Business Intelligence) Dashboards, SaaS products, mobile applications for all platforms, Engineering Stand-Alone products on macOS and IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment) systems.

The process of analytical BI dashboard development includes requirement gathering, ideation, ETL, initial build, QA, documentation, launch, adoption & Automation. We aim to primarily identify the intended user base and customize the design and functionalities of the dashboard accordingly. On the basis of users’ business roles, the insights and the objectives are suitably aligned, and the dashboards are purpose-built. They are designed to analyze and display data, for enhancing business decisions, strategic reviews and drawing predictive & informative conclusions, thereby adding rich business value.

EinNel extensively uses UI/UX in SaaS products to span every minute detail in the most streamlined manner by providing convenient functionalities that simplifies user experience and interaction with the interface. Our designs are built to understand the simple requirements, goals, and motives of the applications by analyzing the behavior of the intended user base and providing high-quality solutions with enhanced usability. EinNel’s solutions aid in dodging issues that businesses tend to encounter later down the line by offering competent designs for a variety of web applications.

Building mobile apps for smart devices requires innovation, strategic planning, and smart execution. UI/UX plays a major role in providing a personalized user experience and functionality of the applications across any smart device. We tailor our app designs to provide visualized data insights within the limited screen space by optimizing and organizing the productive space with proper representation of the functionalities. The UX is designed to be swift, easy-to-handle and interactive with the smart interfaces. The UI/UX design process includes wire frames, user flows, common user-interactions, validation of assumption, iterations, and prototypes. Apps developed by EinNel undergo a series of testing and iterations across all platforms and smart devices to ensure complete and unhindered compatibility.

Engineering stand-alone products developed at EinNel are equipped with smart designs that are integrated with the best UI/UX practices, enabling the users to enjoy their experience. AI-driven UI/UX are used to offer interfaces that are both intuitive and predictive. Building products on macOS provides a hassle-free platform for engineers to explore their innovative capabilities through these products and enjoy the powerful interface unhindered.

With the never-ending advancement of automotive technology, In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) has become more of a necessity than a luxury. IVI is designed to provide entertainment and information to the drivers and passengers through interactive audio or video interfaces. UI/UX is used to integrate control elements such as touch displays, voice/face recognitions, button panels, and many such functionalities with ease of usability and accessibility even while driving. At EinNel, narrative and personality designs are being used, making the experience more interesting and enjoyable for the users. UI/UX designs are used to meet the needs of the users by adding the best of desirability, findability, usability, and value.

At EinNel, we have embarked on a journey to attain a higher level of perfection and proficiency in designing our UI/UX. We are adapting to the latest UI trends and are always on the lookout for the blooming design ideas that are suitable for our applications and other development projects. Some of the trends that we have adopted include, glassmorphism, 3D designs, Geometric shapes, Easy Data Visualization, unique illustration, and apt animations.