Workforce Development and Outsourcing for R&D

Workforce Development and Outsourcing for R&D

On the global front India is an export hub for a wide range of services. The growth and expansion of the service sectors in India since Independence has significantly boosted the national economy and augmented the inflow of FDI. Even though service sectors contribute a lion’s share of 60% of the national GDP, several reports have suggested that only 25% of the national workforce is employed in the service sectors while a majority of the remaining workforce is accumulated in areas such as manufacturing and agriculture where the growth is both stunted and sporadic, thereby putting the future of the national economy at a great risk.

Currently, 22% of the total Indian population comprises of youth, which sums up to 261 million; this legion of workforce in the making, will determine the future economy of the nation. Therefore, it is extremely essential to steer the budding youth and inculcate in them the skills and competency required to stimulate the growth of the indigenous industries.

The automobile industry is encountering a rapid change due the dynamic advancement of technology, leaving behind a workforce with a huge skill gap. In order to be on the ball, the engineering and technical knowledge imparted to the labor force needs a constant and intense refinement. However, domain training by expertise is a time-consuming and highpriced process that neither the employees nor the industries have the luxury for. This is where EinNel Technologies step in and offer the best of solutions in the form of well-trained and upskilled workforces.

We at EinNel, hire candidates who hold exceptional potential who are then facilitated with domain training comprising of Vehicle Engineering, Vehicle Safety, Digital Manufacturing, Data Analytics, and Autonomous Vehicle Development, to name a few.  These well-qualified and equipped employees are then attached with Automotive OEMs and other industrial sectors. EinNel has been collaborating with 10 top notch Automotive OEMs for the past decade and is looking forward for a territorial expansion through spanning additional sectors.

EinNel proposes an irresistible value proposition and offers the best-trained employees with versatile knowledge blended with versatile experience and wide exposure gained through several in-house projects and product developments, for secondment to industries with imperative demands and requirements at an exceptionally affordable cost. EinNel also assures minimal attrition and upholds high professional ethics and values.