EinNel BMS Capability

EinNel BMS Capability

Magdalene, IoT Engineer

From electric vehicles for a smoother ride home to smart phones for the favorite games, batteries play a major role in our day-to-day life. A healthy battery makes the application last much longer. The safety of the battery that powers all appliances is significantly important. The Battery tends to degrade its capacity under various conditions both electrically and chemically. Aging of batteries is an inevitable phenomenon limiting the lifetime in many applications. Battery Modelling & Management aids in analyzing the life of the battery and saving the appliances from battery failure.

EinNel Technologies is equipped with a team of Industrial experts experienced in estimating a battery’s health. Battery Diagnostics and Prognostics helps in computing a plenty of features. It is done using various Machine learning algorithms that help with the prediction. Predicting the Battery’s State of Charge (SOC) assists in knowing when to charge and how long the battery will last. Electrical parameters like current, voltage, temperature and various other factors play a vital role in determining those features. The prediction of the attributes of a battery will not only ensure cost effectiveness but also enhance its longevity. This prediction is made on the basis of several real time parameters that guarantee the battery’s better performance. With respect to the battery’s usage Remaining Useful Life (RUL), State of Function (SOF) can also be predicted.

State of Health (SOH) monitors the life of the battery under various cycles. Using this feature the degradation of the chemical and electrical properties in the battery is visible over time. The SOH diagnosis helps in calculating the Remaining Useful life of the battery.

The RUL Prediction is very vital as it indicates when the battery needs to be recharged. It also helps in determining the end of life of a battery which indicates when the capacity degrades below its threshold value. Thus, warning how long the battery’s life will last ahead of time.

Another prominent computation for the battery is the State of Function (SOF), while driving an Electric Vehicle, the smart Battery Management System (BMS) calculates beforehand if the vehicle has enough charge to reach the desired destination. This is represented by predicting SOF of the battery with the help of the real time State of Charge. With various factors unsuspectingly affecting the lifetime of the battery, battery diagnosis and prognostics assists in predicting the condition of the battery.

At EinNel, the BMS configuration is provided as a solution to managing the usage of rechargeable batteries and ensuring its safe operation in a wide range of industries. With the emergence of electric vehicles in the automobile industry, BMS has secured a vital significance for guaranteeing the durability and longevity of the EVs, therefore, EinNel offers the best-in-class BMS configurations that not only predicts the life of batteries but also facilities various diagnostic and prognostic solutions for several battery-based industrial issues.