Industrial Internet of Things

Industrial Internet of Things

From the IoT Manager

Rajalakshmi, EinNel Technologies

“The Internet of Things is not a concept; it is a network, the true technology-enabled Network of all networks.”

Edewede Oriwoh

Process industries are subjected to several demands, such as meeting production targets, minimizing costs and maximizing product quality. In addition, manufacturers must investigate the governmental safety and environmental compliance regulations. Our data-driven strategy helps to enable operations and maintenance, and aids business personnel to quickly and easily take corrective actions when aberrant conditions occur.

The Digital Transformation platforms are used to transfer the collection of historical data from the plant and turn it into significant operational insights in real-time. The data is then analyzed and visualized using python-based applications and ML tools. This complete system analysis aids in understanding the anomalies, plant working conditions, and the measures that need to be taken for improving the profitability of the plant.

The current system we are working on gives a complete health monitoring system of a plant based on the key performance indicators, and the failure prediction includes the anomaly detection, preventive maintenance, and Remaining Useful Life. This digital solution helps both small- and large-scale industries to achieve high productivity, flexibility, and speed in their operations and processes.

The IoT team at EinNel has gained exposure in processing five years of plant data to derive insights on plant operations and maintenance. We have also generated models for predictive maintenance and developed a dashboard application. In addition, we have planned and strategized to develop a digital twin application for further enhancement of the plant performance. I thank all the team members who have extended their support and commitment through the entire project.