Workforce Management in Social Revolution Era

Workforce Management in Social Revolution Era

From the HR Manager, Learning & Development

Ebenezer Kalaiselvan, EinNel Technologies

Over the years, the World of Business has encountered Industrial Revolution, Information Revolution, and Social Revolution. Currently, we are in the social revolution era where necessities of the young workforce are already at hand to a great extent, therefore they have the luxury of being unemployed till they find an organization that matches their liking of job profile, job location, pay scale, work atmosphere, etc. Even after being employed, when they get bored of these preferences or face a rough patch in the organization, they tend to immediately jump jobs thereby making workforce management a tough challenge for all the organizations.

At EinNel, the foundation of leadership has been laid upon the principles of Servant Leadership, Stewardship, and Discipleship. Our team of leaders has carefully analyzed the several cultural and attitudinal transitions of the workforce from the Industrial Revolution to Social Revolution. We acknowledge that the workforce of the current era desires new and adventurous tasks, team collaboration, gamified work scenarios, etc. at their workplaces. This young generation prefers to work with high tech gadgets in attractive ambiance, friendly work culture, constructive teams, so on and so forth. Therefore, we are developing a dynamic environment that enables every individual to get recognized and appreciated by their co-workers for their achievements.

EinNel Technologies has developed a digital workplace application, “Task” where the internal employees can share their new ideas, thought processes, and skills using storyboards, reels and posts with generic details about their projects, which can be liked, commented on, forwarded and shared amongst the employees. The AI engine under development is being curated to accentuate necessary information relevant to their area of work, training needs, learning programs etc. to enhance their skills for their future career growth, and the growth of the organization. EinNel encourages employees to learn while they work and work while they learn. In general, a team comprises of different levels of performers, but we concentrate on upskilling every individual to perform their best. We follow these major principles and best practices that incline our employees to stick with us for a longer tenure. This indirect workforce management being adopted by EinNel efficiently aids us in overcoming the challenges of the social revolution era in the current world of business.