Platform Engineering for Industrial 4.0 Applications

Platform Engineering for Industrial 4.0 Applications

Merlin Shakila Director, Software

India is a significant exporter of automotive components and accessories, ranking closely behind China. A considerable portion of these manufacturers consists of small and medium-sized businesses, which often face challenges in meeting the demanding productivity and quality standards established by global OEMs.

These manufacturers are scattered across various cities, which adds complexity to their operations. Currently, they lack critical information about their dispersed units at the headquarters. The absence of centralized control and data aggregation has hindered their efficiency and profitability on the global stage. To remain competitive on the global stage, there’s a pressing need to monitor Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), machine performance, asset utilization, and quality parameters from a centralized control unit that oversees units in different cities.

EinNel’s application accesses data from multiple manufacturing and machining centers, unifies this data, and utilizes AI-driven decision-making within a single, easily monitored and controlled platform at the head office.

This robust big data platform manages data communication from physical systems to the cloud, streamlines data for real-time processing, stores consolidated data in a data warehouse, and employs data mining and engineering techniques. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates Business Intelligence (BI) applications to facilitate informed decision-making.

The EinNel software team possesses the expertise to develop tailored solutions for various manufacturing industries. Their solution significantly enhances overall efficiency, effectively addresses challenges related to maintenance, quality, and resource management, and substantially reduces operating costs.

In conclusion, EinNel’s innovative approach is transforming the Indian automotive components and accessories manufacturing landscape. By centralizing control and harnessing the power of data and AI, these companies can now confidently meet the demands of global OEMs, ensuring a profitable and sustainable future in the highly competitive automotive industry.