Streamlining Success: EinNel’s Systems & Processes Training

Streamlining Success: EinNel’s Systems & Processes Training

John Terry Chief Operations Officer

A two-day training initiative was conducted for the Lead Engineers, Managers, and Directors of EinNel Technologies on the 25th and 26th of April, 2024. The event centered on the implementation of specific systems, processes, and standard protocols required within the organization

The program commenced with an orientation session led by the CEO, Mr. Albert Einstein, on systems and process training. This was followed by a session conducted by Dr. Paul Sathiyan, guiding participants through a walkthrough of Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive. Subsequently, Ms.Benitta Manuel from the UK provided insights into agile methodologies.

The second day featured a presentation by Mr. Peter Spackman, our partner from Ireland, discussing EinNel and FACS’s plans for the European market, followed by another session with Ms. Benitta Manuel. Mr.Nelson, Co-Founder, and Ms. Merlin, Software Director, shared their experiences and conducted a DevOps demo for Agile Methodologies.


The training closed with a comprehensive review of the program, involving self-analysis and a feedback session, conducted by Dr. Paul Sathiyan. Engaging activities organized by Ms. Ajita Magdalene between sessions ensured participants remained lively and engaged throughout.

This program is expected to enhance leadership productivity, thus benefiting every employee within the organization.